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How Platform Engineering Plays A Pivotal Role In Modernising Legacy Infrastructure (On-Demand)

What You Will Learn: 

In this session, Matthew Smith, Head of Cloud & DevOps Practice, will help you:

  • Discover why an innovative Platform Engineering approach outshines traditional DevOps in large organisations.
  • Uncover the critical responsibilities of Platform Engineering teams.
  • Understand how Platform Engineering works across varying scales. 
  • Learn the top three actionable steps to empower your Platform Engineering team for success.

Who Should Attend: 

VP/Director or Head of roles in IT departments



Matthew Smith, Head of Cloud & DevOps Practice, Ten10 

Matt has been part of the DevOps and Cloud area since its inception, deploying

his first project for the UK's largest payment provider and helping to create Europe's first PCI:DSS Tier 1 provider. He subsequently worked for a world leading Open Source ECM provider and launched their enterprise product into Cloud to create their customer facing Platform-as-a-Service based around their popular ECM solution. Matt went on to launch Europe's Largest IoT Platform. Since then he has spent the last 8 years helping organisations understand and adopt Cloud and DevOps across multiple industries including, Retail, Fashion, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance and Travel. The engagements have been everything from simple team augmentation and coaching to large, 18,000 person transformations and everything in between. Matt credits his success across all of these industries to his pragmatic, frank approach to transformation focusing more on fundamental changes rather than superficial ones.


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